Zinx Technologies was un-officially founded on August 29th, 2005, in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, Louisiana. The hurricane, along with failures in the levees and water pumping stations, created immense devastation to the local businesses and residential areas. The majority of the Information Technology consultants and technical experts had evacuated the city leaving a large amount of valuable data behind in the city.

Well-known for his expertise in computers and electronics, Ainsley Becnel was approached by a number of companies for aid in their recovery. He gathered a small group of trusted technology-savvy friends and with special permission from Governor Kathleen Blanco, re-entered the city a mere 48 hours after the disaster in order to ascertain the damage and attempt to repair and recover any hardware, software, or information.

In the following weeks, Ainsley Becnel and his cohort rebuilt dozens of networks from scratch, restored technological functionality to many businesses that were the first to return to the city, and even upgraded and implemented new technologies advancing companies further into the digital age of Information Technology. The majority of work completed by Ainsley in the weeks following Katrina was done at no cost in order to encourage businesses to return to the city and promote the rebuilding of New Orleans.

Ainsley continued to work with many of the businesses and firms he helped out as a consultant advising them on ways to increase their efficiency and profitability using current and innovative technologies rather than accepting the status quo or using outdated software and services. He eventually formed Zinx Technologies LLC in order to provide fair and competitively priced consulting on Information Technology in Computer Systems for not only small to medium sized businesses, but also to the local residential populace.

Zinx Technologies has since expanded, contracted, and morphed to keep pace with today’s rapid paced development in the technology arena. Zinx Tech has always strived to support facilities and people that believe in more than the bottom line of profitability including but not limited to educational institutions, children’s hospitals, government supported services like the public defender’s office, and much more. The corporation along with past and present employee’s have, over the years, promoted and advanced new technologies for the purposes of assisting in the development of how we as a society interact with technology and use it to the advantage of not only ourselves, but for our future generations as well.